The Health

Fast track your weight-loss and kick start your new healthy lifestyle in 8 weeks!

What you’ll learn

  • Holistic approaches to improve your overall health
  • Goal setting to build future success
  • Values identifying and prioritising
  • 6 success super-habits
  • How to break bad habits
  • How to create and sustain new healthy habits
  • Life transforming affirmation techniques
  • Sustainable healthy nutrition plan
  • Clean eating dietary information
  • How to identify unhealthy foods
  • Expert qualified nutrition advice
  • How to read food information correctly
  • Basics of nutrition and macronutrients
  • To keep yourself perfectly hydrated at all times
  • Different types of water and which is best for you
  • Comprehensive sleep information
  • Best practices for good sleep
  • Ancient breathing techniques to help detoxify and energize your body
  • Breathing techniques to aid in stress reduction and sleep
  • Best practices to train your body to breathe correctly
  • Learn the 20% of movements to give 80% of results
  • Gain knowledge to build your overall fitness
  • How to stay fit for life with a full time job
  • Referred professional guidance to staying pain free
  • How to incorporate a body maintenance program
  • Teachings helping you build a healthy lifestyle
  • Approaches to make healthy food choices
  • Understanding how to avoid focusing on 1 area of health
  • Distinguishing the difference between health and fitness
  • How to tie the aspects of holistic health into your lifestyle
  • Identifying additional healthy practices to incorporate


  • 3 hours weekly: Zoom and video content
  • Writing pad for notes
  • Computer and internet connection

What you get

  • The Healthy Foundation Video series
  • 2 x weekly 1 hour zoom group calls
  • 1 x module overview
  • 1 x Q and A
  • Health blueprint
  • Over 2 hours of personal video content
  • Over 4 hours of referred video content
  • Mobile and PC access
  • Lifetime access
Enrolled: 88 students
Duration: 8 Weeks
Lectures: 17
Video: 15+ Hours
Level: Advanced

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