Health Blueprint

The Premium option is the same course and content as the Healthy Blueprint with additional 1 0n 1 calls, consulting and personalized assistance.
Your first call is a full lifestyle overview and questionnaire, followed by weekly 30 minute calls with additional tasks and support to ensure greater personal achievements.

Personalised mentor guidance through the 8 week course, added tasks specific to what YOU need to get and stay healthy.

What you’ll gain

  • When choosing Premium you’ll gain access to personalised 1 on 1 time with one of our qualified and certified Healthy Human professionals.
  • After your lifestyle overview, your coach will construct a bespoke plan to fix your current health drawbacks.
  • You’ll then arrange for a 1 on 1 call every week where you’ll have added above and beyond the Health Accelerator and your personal coach holding you accountable and assisting along the way.
  • As you implement the personalized tasks you’ll feel yourself evolving to be healthier by the week!


  • Internet Connection
  • Writing pad for notes
  • 4 hours weekly

What you get

  • Full healthy blueprint 8 week course
  • Weekly Check in 30 Min Calls (1x weekly)
  • Personalised Health Tasks
  • Healthy Human Report and Health Plan


WELCOME, Healthy Human!

Module 1: Healthy lifestyle design

3 steps to build your new best self.
Module 1: Worksheets

Module 2: Weight-loss made simple

Proven systems to lose weight fast and forever.
Module 2: Worksheets

Module 3: Hydrate the hustle

The fastest way to shower yourself with success.
Module 3: Worksheets

Module 4: Rest to be your best

Build your perfect nights sleep.
Module 4: Worksheets

Module 5: The superhuman hack

The 1 trick every ancient society knew.
Module 5: Worksheets

Module 6: Perform above the norm

Learn to release constant Endorphins, Ecstasy and Energy.

Module 7: Become physically limitless

The No pain, more gain approach.

Module 8: Stay healthy forever

From anti aging to marathon endurance.
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Enrolled: 100 students
Duration: 8 Weeks
Lectures: 14
Video: 20+ Hours
Level: Advanced

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