How does feedback relate to health, you may be asking:

Criticism is tough to accept.
We want to know what we are doing wrong so we can improve ourselves, but we don’t want to bruise our egos. Welcome to, what I call, the feedback dilemma.

Start with why. Why do we want feedback?
Most answers are something like: To fix my errors and improve.

Generally we hesitate to demand criticism aka Feedback – Ultimately, it usually makes us better. Addressing the feedback of customers, in a business sense generally results in happier customers.
Happy customers = Happy business.
Happy body = Healthy Human

In building a website as an important piece of an online product, I’ve reached out to a select few who I can trust to critique my efforts.
Yes, it sucks to be told what you did/created was wrong/could be better. Addressing these issue will however improve the final product.
Ultimately our ego may act as a bottleneck/hinderance to growth if we don’t allow ourselves to get feedback.

In building good health, we get feedback from our body; pain here, aches there, headaches, fatigue etc. take this as feedback, listen to your body.
If there’s pain, there’s a problem.
Solve your health problems with healthy solutions. Avoid painkillers to kill the feedback loop.

Ego is an enemy.
Feedback is a friend.

If you’ve just coached a class or a personal client, ask for feedback.
If you’re working on a project, ask for feedback.
Whatever job/task you’ve done, ask for feedback. Adapt accordingly.

Critique yourself, and allow others to do so regularly.
Evolve and grow.
Feedback is a Gift.

Healthy Today Happy Tomorrow

If you’re struggling to “listen to your body,” we teach this within the first 5 weeks of our 8 week course, so you’ll know how to read your bodies signals forever.