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At Healthy Human, we know getting your life in order isn’t always easy – you may have multiple things on the go, from family to work and everything in between. Often health gets put on the back burner for months, years and sometimes even decades. Over time your health and performance deteriorates, along with other important aspects of life, like relationships and your own personal happiness. It is our goal to encourage you away from this pattern. Embrace the discomfort that change brings, because chances are you’ll be better for it on the other side:

In recent conversation, with a mentor and client much wiser than myself, we discussed what we feel holds us back.
What prevents you from becoming your best you? Powerful question, seldom asked.

Through sharing our thoughts on the topic, our opinions matched when we concluded Comfort is potentially one of the most dangerous aspects a human can be exposed to and get used to.

In my personal experience I’ve seen comfort keep people in the same job for decades, even when they’re not happy doing it. On the contrary, I know many people, most of whom I look up to and learn from daily who refuse to accept being average. They constantly want to improve, grow, succeed and raise the people around them. They might not be millionaires in their bank accounts, but they’re contagious, people want to be around them. Their energy motivates other to excel, to do more, to reach their full potentially.

None of us are perfect, comfort gets the best of us all at times. It is however my personal belief, that life shrinks or grows relative to the amount of uncomfortable situations and conversations we are willing to have.

I encourage myself and others around me to push for more: Ask for a raise, start a new education course that seems difficult, build your personal brand or mend that damaged friendship. It might not be easy, and not everything will work out perfectly, but all you can do is try, learn and grow when confronted with uncomfortable scenarios.

I often remind myself, “the sooner I start the sooner I fail. The sooner I fail the sooner I can fix the failures. The sooner I fix the failures the sooner I can succeed.”

I encourage you to seek discomfort and watch your life expand accordingly.
Best of luck!

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