What is Healthy Human?

Healthy human is a holistic health program committed to help members attain and sustain optimal health, optimal weight and a healthy lifestyle. We a to help every member by focusing on their goals and supporting them throughout our courses.

Our brand centers itself on 3 core values:

Meet Gareth Grundlingh:

Gareth is a proud holistic health practitioner, studied and trained through the CHEK institute.

An active, sports driven youth drove Gareth to qualify as a functional fitness coach by the age of 21 and since then has actively refined his skills working with professionals from all walks of life. After qualifying Gareth has supplemented his coaching further through diversified studies. He has logically chosen and completed numerous courses which ultimately ensure his clients receive the best available health knowledge and practical coaching experience possible.

Basing his work around the holistic principals, Gareth teaches Healthy Human members to improve in all aspects of their health, namely:

Nutrition, hydration, breathing, moving, sleeping and body maintenance plans to help optimize, progress and develop their health.


Our Goal

Empowering clients with actionable and practical knowledge, enabling them to embody optimal health throughout their lives.

Our Vision

Creating a balanced, healthy and sustainable community dedicated to transforming lives through conscious health practices.